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ELECTRICAL EQUIPMENT AND ACCESSORIES Cartridges, forks, adapters, switches, sockets, sensors, bells Terminals and connectors Lighting, lighting equipment, lamps Light bulbs, Led lamps, starters LED lights Halogen bulbs Fluorescent bulbs Incandescent lamps Metalhalog natrium and quicksilver bublbs Starters LED lamps and power saver bulbs Lighting fixtures VITO, HOROZ,METSAN Technical lighting IP-20 RUBIN, TORINO;LED Panels Technical lighting (built in) IP-20AGAT;LED Panels Technical lighting (external) IP-62-65;LED LED Spotlights, Spotlights, Stands, Chips LED panels, Downlight Plastic platforms Sauna lamps (hermetic) Luminscence lamps for home Table lamp Flashlight Decorated glass lamps Office and decorative lamps Night and portable lamps Garden lighting EXIT lights LED lamps for home Bell type light bulbs LED strips Street lighting Lustres Boxes, modular cabinets, electric cabinets, DIN rails Circuit breakers, switches and fuses PVC pipes, corrugates pipes, cable channels Cable channels IEK; MUTLUSAN Sockets and switches MAKEL, ABB, IEK, OVIVO, ABL SURSUM Multimiters, tools, soldeing irons, duct tapes Automated Leakage Current, differential relay Contactors, relays ETI; IEK Extension cords and sockets blocks MAKEL, SHUST EL, OVIVO PSU, transformators, UPS BP, IEK wire fittings for flat and round wires Electric meters, accessories Thermo tubes Cable ties TV and telephone cable accessories IEK control panels, engine starters Electric cables, wires, TV, 5CAT PROJECT LIGHTING Infrared heaters Industrial sockets and switches

ID: 0004253

Bulb JC, G4, Halogen, 10W, 12V

EAN: 2050710042539

Art.: G4 JC 12V/10W

Quantity: >50
0.34 EUR w/o VAT
0.41 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0023213

Bulb JCD, G6.35, Halogen, 12V, 50W

EAN: 2050710232138

Art.: G6 JCD 12V/50W

Quantity: >50
0.35 EUR w/o VAT
0.42 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0008689

Bulb JCDR, GU5.3, Halogen, 220V, 50W, White light, blue

EAN: 2050710086892

Art.: JCDR-50 blue

Quantity: 1
0.02 EUR w/o VAT
0.02 EUR incl. VAT
0.36 EUR

ID: 0016577

Bulb G9, Halogen, 220V, 25W, 100lm, White light, blue

EAN: 2050710165771

Art.: G9 25W 220V WHITE LIGHT

Quantity: >50
0.10 EUR w/o VAT
0.12 EUR incl. VAT
0.36 EUR

ID: 0025682

Bulb G4, JC, Halogen, 12V, 25W

EAN: 6900041225001

Art.: G4 JC 12V/25W Greenlux

Quantity: 3
0.42 EUR w/o VAT
0.51 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004255

Bulb JC, G4, Halogen, 35W, 12V

EAN: 2050710042553

Art.: G4 JC 12V/35W

Quantity: >50
0.46 EUR w/o VAT
0.55 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004254

Bulb G4, JC, Halogen, 12V, 20W

EAN: 2050710042546

Art.: G4 JC 12V/20W/D03-JCG4-20

Quantity: >50
0.64 EUR w/o VAT
0.77 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004316

Bulb JCDR, GU5.3, Halogen, 35W, 220V

EAN: 2050710043161

Art.: JCDR 35W

Quantity: >50
0.65 EUR w/o VAT
0.78 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0003059

Bulb JCDR, GU5.3, Halogen, 50W, 220V

EAN: 2050710030598

Art.: JCDR 50W

Quantity: >50
0.66 EUR w/o VAT
0.80 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0025681

Bulb G9, Halogen, 220V, 42W, transparent

EAN: 6900000003244

Art.: G9 42W Greenlux

Quantity: >50
0.77 EUR w/o VAT
0.93 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004286

Bulb R7S, Halogen, 150W, L78mm, 220V

EAN: 2050710042867

Art.: 78MM-150W Zext

Quantity: >50
0.79 EUR w/o VAT
0.96 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004285

Bulb R7S, Halogen, 100W, L78mm, 220V

EAN: 2050710042850

Art.: 78MM-100W

Quantity: >50
0.91 EUR w/o VAT
1.10 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004962

Bulb G9, Halogen, 220V, 40W, transparent

EAN: 2050710049620

Art.: G9 40W 220V CLEAR/D04-JDG

Quantity: >50
0.92 EUR w/o VAT
1.12 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0022112

Bulb R7S, Halogen, 150W, L118mm, 220V

EAN: 2050710221125

Art.: 118MM-150W Zext

Quantity: >50
0.94 EUR w/o VAT
1.13 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004287

Bulb R7S, Halogen, 200W, L118mm, 220V

EAN: 2050710042874

Art.: 118MM-200W R7S/D04-J118-2

Quantity: >50
0.95 EUR w/o VAT
1.15 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004289

Bulb R7S, Halogen, 500W, L118mm, 220V

EAN: 2050710042898

Art.: 118MM-500W/D04-J118-500

Quantity: >50
0.96 EUR w/o VAT
1.16 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004288

Bulb R7S, Halogen, 300W, L118mm, 220-240V

EAN: 2050710042881

Art.: 118MM-300W/D04-J118-300

Quantity: >50
1.01 EUR w/o VAT
1.22 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0004531

Bulb GU10, Halogen, 50W, 220V

EAN: 2050710045318

Art.: GU10 220V 50W/D04-JDR-50-

Quantity: >50
1.24 EUR w/o VAT
1.50 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0005833

Bulb GU10, Halogen, 35W, 220V

EAN: 2050710058332

Art.: GU10 220V 35W/D04-JDR-35-

Quantity: >50
1.30 EUR w/o VAT
1.57 EUR incl. VAT








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