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ID: 0015033

Bulb A60, E27, LED, Brillight, 220-240V, 8W, 690lm, 3000K, 210*, W60mm, H110mm

EAN: 4752182150337

Art.: A60Z-01-8W E27

Quantity: >50
1.35 EUR w/o VAT
1.63 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0015032

Bulb A60, E27, LED, Brillight, 220-240V, 10W, 820lm, 3000K, 210*, W60mm, H110mm

EAN: 4752182150320

Art.: A60-02-10W E27 3000k

Quantity: >50
1.43 EUR w/o VAT
1.73 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0001317

Socket blok Makel, 2-socket, grounded, white, (20)

EAN: 8694407672261

Art.: MGP111

Quantity: 0
1.76 EUR w/o VAT
2.13 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0019447

Panel LED, Brillight, 6W, 450lm, 3000K, square, recessed, L95mm, glass, H35mm, 220-240V

EAN: 4752182194478

Art.: 02PAL-STR-S6W z/a stikls

Quantity: >50
1.61 EUR w/o VAT
1.95 EUR incl. VAT
4.17 EUR

ID: 0020359

Panel LED, Brillight, 6W, 450lm, 3000K, chrome, round, recessed, D120mm, H20mm, 220-240V

EAN: 4752182203590

Art.: 02PAL-STR-R6W z/a chrome

Quantity: >50
3.17 EUR w/o VAT
3.83 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0022443

Panel LED, Brillight, 220-240V, 12W, 1020lm, 3000K, chrome, round, recessed, D170mm, H20mm

EAN: 4752182224434

Art.: 02PAL-STR-R12W z/a chrome

Quantity: >50
4.59 EUR w/o VAT
5.55 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0022442

Panel LED, Brillight, 220-240V, 12W, 1020lm, 3000K, square, recessed, D170mm, glass, H20mm

EAN: 4752182224427

Art.: 02PAL-STR-S12W z/a stikls

Quantity: >50
5.14 EUR w/o VAT
6.22 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0013781

Bulb E14, LED, Brillight, A60, 220-240V, 5W, 350lm, 3000K, 220*, IP20

EAN: 2050710137815

Art.: BRG451405-01

Quantity: 0
5.39 EUR w/o VAT
6.52 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0022194IEK logo iconManufacturer's website

Floodlight LED, IEK, 30W, 2700lm, 4000K, IP65, black, L161mm, W25mm, H130mm

EAN: 4606056544695

Art.: LPDO601-30-40-K02

Quantity: >50
6.25 EUR w/o VAT
7.56 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0022218IEK logo iconManufacturer's website

Floodlight LED, IEK, 50W, 4500lm, 4000K, IP65, black, L210mm, W33mm, H173mm

EAN: 4606056544633

Art.: LPDO601-50-40-K02

Quantity: >50
8.91 EUR w/o VAT
10.78 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0022019

Lamp LED, Brillight, T5, 16W, 1440lm, 4000K, with switch, L1180mm

EAN: 4752182220191

Art.: YG-LT5S 16W 4000K

Quantity: >50
4.36 EUR w/o VAT
5.28 EUR incl. VAT
13.12 EUR

ID: 0020272

Indoor lamp E14, Brillight, DE102, 25W, raspberry, 11x28cm, H280mm, D110mm, 220-240V

EAN: 2050710202728

Art.: DE102

Quantity: 0
10.39 EUR w/o VAT
12.57 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0025576

X-mas light decoration LED, white, round, L14m, (200 lights)

EAN: 5902409219685

Art.: VO0714

Quantity: 0
3.29 EUR w/o VAT
3.98 EUR incl. VAT
14.69 EUR

ID: 0020279

Table lamp LED, Brillight, DEL-15, USB, 4W, 5000K, USB

EAN: 2050710202797

Art.: DEL15

Quantity: 0
16.14 EUR w/o VAT
19.53 EUR incl. VAT

ID: 0015957

Table lamp LED, Brillight, DEL-21W, 3W, dimmable, 300lm, 4000K, white, turnable

EAN: 2050710159572

Art.: DEL-1211 White/DEL21W

Quantity: 2
10.59 EUR w/o VAT
12.81 EUR incl. VAT
26.86 EUR

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Adapter Rosi, 16A, 3P+N+E, 250V, IP44, with SCHUKO socket
ID: 0026576
Quantity: 11
5.45 EUR w/o VAT
6.59 EUR incl. VAT
12.16 EUR